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Properly installing Board and Batten

The most efficient, durable, and cost/labor effective way to add Board and Batten

If you are like me, you are always looking for a way to add value to a home. Whether it is your personal live-in-flip, a flip project where you need to match other comps, or a rental in a nice neighborhood wainscoting as well as board and batten will definitely add value and appeal. Usually its seen in dining, living, offices, master bedrooms and mudrooms.

If you search the internet for how to accomplish this task efficiently you will run across a range of ways; from labor intensive cut and nail to simply gluing 1x4" pine to the wall. Each has its merits, but usually lacks either cost effectiveness or craftsmanship.

Luckily, this guy @Insider_Carpentry on IG and Insider Carpentry on YouTube has it figured out. He is a one man show, and trims mid to high-level homes with an efficiency and value I've never seen before. His balance of speed, efficiency and good craftsmanship is perfect. So, if you are looking for a DIY way to add to your home, or want your finish carpenter to use his methods, watch below:

Stay tuned, as we are planning a project next month that uses this method on the live in flip!

*If you have a profiled baseboard, this can still work but you'll likely need to taper the bottom of each style so it is nicely mated to the top of the baseboard.

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